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Quantico Belvoir Regional Business Alliance

Who We Are

The Quantico/Belvoir Regional Business Alliance, Inc. was incorporated in April 2008 with a mission to position the region as a welcoming and supportive community to the military and their business partners.

    We strive to facilitate positive outcomes from growth, both within and outside the MCB Quantico and Fort Belvoir and to convey information on BRAC and other DOD-related growth opportunities, and to support the installations and agencies through the process, as well as:

  • Identify and address available DOD-related business opportunities
  • Upgrade the workforce to meet identified needs and to address opportunities
  • Improve the flow of information amongst all interested parties
  • Form partnerships with key individuals and organizations
  • Build relationships in support of mutual interests for communities in the region.

AND to provide: INFORMATION, NETWORKING and ACCESS, in support of:

  • Training/Education/Awareness/Capacity Building
  • Best Practices and Knowledge That Enhance Business and Workforce Development
  • Community Outreach/Public Relations/Partnership with Military and Related Agencies
  • Corporate and Event Sponsor

    Quantico Belvoir Regional Business Alliance (QBRBA) - Marine Corps Base Quantico and Ft. Belvoir

    Marine Corps Base Quantico and Ft. Belvoir

    Amongst our most vital partners are the two Federal installations from which we draw our name. We have hosted the Army Community Covenant Event, starting in November 2008, in honor of Ft. Belvoir and its families, and which became the Armed Forces Community Covenant Event in 2009 to the present.

    This past year we hosted the commanders from both Ft. Belvoir and Marine Corps Base Quantico, as well as active duty and veterans from all services. This year’s Community Covenant Event will take place in Old Town Alexandria on February 17, 2020.

    The Alliance and its partners have also hosted workshops on doing business with both installations and federal agencies in the region.

    During the construction and relocation phases of the 2015 BRAC, we launched the Alliance Mark Center Roundtable for agencies and businesses. We have hosted Community Covenant Events for:

    • Ft. Belvoir, Marine Corps Base Quantico (in Old Town Alexandria)
    • Marine Corps Base Quantico, Dahlgren and Ft. AP Hill (with the Fredericksburg Chamber and Military Affairs Council in Fredericksburg).
    Quantico Belvoir Regional Business Alliance (QBRBA) - Supporting a Vital Sector of our Economy

    Supporting a Vital Sector of our Economy

    The Alliance is a strong supporter of our local military installations and works hard to help them meet their needs, as well as helping the community to keep these vital components of our regional economy. Our primary focus, building stronger partnerships between our business community and the installations and agencies that live here in the region, underscores everything we do.

    We believe that creating stronger bonds between our community and the installations and agencies will build the strongest argument for protecting our region from future DOD cutbacks. Our work helps to augment the positive impact of the DOD presence on our regional economy and thereby strengthens our region against potential military cutback proposals.

    Future rounds of BRAC have been predicted and we are helping to build a solid case for retaining Ft. Belvoir, Marine Corps Base Quantico and numerous DOD agencies at their current levels here in Virginia. The Alliance is working closely with State and Federal officials on ways to further enhance this business/military partnership and to protect our regional economy.  In the past four years, much of our focus has been on returning military members and their families, helping them re-enter the domestic economy.